how to purchase via website:

  1. select the item you like on the STORE / PRODUCTS page then click on the product you want to buy.
  2. fill in the complete description of the size along with the qty of items you will buy, then click the ADD TO CART button.
  3. then you will go to the shopping cart drawer on the righ side to double-check all the items you have purchased and make sure the items you buy are correct, if you want to continue shopping click close drawer, if you have finished clicking CHECKOUT. if you want sticker don’t forget to write on special instruction column.
  4. complete your personal data in the BILLING DETAILS column on the pop up window for accuracy in shipping costs.
  5. domestic shipping service using SICEPAT EXPRESS (flatrate expense for each province) , for overseas expense is USD.35 shipping using EMS.
  6. select payment method, we provide payment method via MANDIRI and BCA bank transfer, then click COMPLETE ORDER. If you have discount code put on the discount column
  7. after the purchase process is complete we will send an INVOICE purchase via email along with the account number according to the payment instructions you choose, the payment transfer limit is 60 minutes from the invoice received, if the payment is not made within the specified time, the order will be canceled automatically by the system.
  8. after payment is made immediately confirm the payment on the website or email so that the shipping process can be done immediately.