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    The Evo 2 is the natural progression of the original Evolver. It has seen constant refinement and new running changes to keep it as the standard in BMX braking. This design allows for a seemingly limitless amount of cable installation options, while remaining equally powerful as both a front OR rear wheel brake. New forge tooling was created that provides for a sleeker side profile. Arms are forged prior to machining for strength and durability. Contrary to the uneducated in metallurgy, a forged metal piece is of much higher strength than a piece machined from a block of material.


    • Flat-tipped cable set screws prevents excess damage to the cable’s inner wire
    • Sleek aluminum front cable adapter
    • Flush surfaces, with the lowest possible overall stack height
    • Front or rear wheel use
    • Two sets of springs for hard and soft tension/modulation
    • Spring tension indicators for easy set up
    • Newly designed straddle hanger
    • Pre-lugged straddle cable
    • Cable lugs are smaller and use a 10 mm hex head

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